Home building Studio :

Music n chilli provides you services of sound proofing and acoustic for home studios we give free guidance and advice. With our methods we help save your costs, we use materials as good as the expensive material that will do the same job.

Why we require sound proofing and acoustic?
The main reason to do acoustic and sound proofing is to improve the recording quality.
The most important and relevant aspects of acoustic are;
- Noise control
- To break the sound wave making sure sound does not reflect on the recording microphone, to record the dry signal.

The reasons we require noise control, is to stop outside sound waves coming in to the studio which will not disturb microphone recording.
'Acoustic isolation' is trying to reduce sound transmission out of the room.

How can we disbursed sound waves?

We have to create an uneven surface on the walls and ceilings to disburse the sound waves. The main reason to record a dry signal is so we can add effects afterwards according to the music or song. While recording a song the sound signal should not reflect from the walls and ceiling, because if effects are added in afterwards the reflected signals are shown more prominent and it can impair the quality of sound.
Improving internal acoustics is a matter of reducing sound reverberation. Completely eliminating reverb is not always desired.For services and free advice of sound proofing and acoustic please contact us.
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