The method of Teaching has changed in the last hundred years new things in our environment like computers, now everybody has to learn computers to deliver the performance whether you are Accountant, Engineer or Administrator in the Billing Section or a Sportsman, Bored? My Point is we have to adopt the new style and to understand the new environment like we are doing in other fields. When we require EYE TREATMENT WE WANT TO GO FOR THE BEST POSSIBLE NEW METHOD FOR OUR EYE TREATMENT. But when we talk about the Hindi Music most of us we want to teach and learn Hindi music from the very old method why? I mean Ragaas, SA RE GA MA PA DA NI SA etc. Do you think this is the best Method to learn Hindi Music? Don't you think there is  a better method than that which was setup hundreds of years a go? Check out today’s market who is successful, why are they  successful observe? Hindi music has progressed a lot of over the years and has improved. Now we have good Orchestral sense, Bigger Media, films, singles, Albums, television, radio, CDs, Tapes , a larger audience of listeners , technical things have also progressed largely, to higher quality like Digital Recording and Microphones etc. In these days even if you are singing classical song or any RAAG the great composers and musicians they will make your music track first, which is based on the Chords System and is nothing new. In the olden days chords were played on Taanpura (instrument) but we have nothing to teach about the chords in old methods. All you need is good observation and good ears to listen. I put my 15 years experience and I have planned a few lessons. which are the mixture of authentic and modern methods of teaching. These methods are very effective. I can not win the argument BUT I CAN BRING BIG IMPROVEMENTS IN YOUR SINGING AND VOCALS.

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